North Texas Section - American Radio Relay League

Section Manager

ARRL NTX Section Manager:  Steven Lott Smith  "Steve" KG5VK
Steve  KG5VK



As of April 2019, I am your new Section Manager for North Texas, I am eagerly looking forward to serving each and every one of you !
Please feel free to contact me by Email or by Telephone at 318-470-9806
If I do not answer the phone please leave a message with your Name, Call sign and short subject tittle,
this will allow me to research an answer before calling you back.

I have been licensed since 1972 and enjoy HF DXing and Contesting and I am active on UHf/VHF as well.
I enjoy many of the Ham Radio Modes of communication, including CW, Phone, FT8, Analog FM, DMR, and D-Star.
WINLINK is but one of the tools in my ECOM tool box, that gets tested routinely by sending emails out over HF and is completely independent of the Internet.

I have the ARRL DXCC award on many bands and several Modes
I am just a few Entities short of DXCC Honor Roll, Mixed Mode
and when a rare country comes active I will be intensely focused on working it.
There are a Total of 12 Current Entities which I have not worked.

I have been asked more than a few times what is the one greatest thing I love about Ham Radio,
for me it is simple....

The People !

I love meeting new folks and rekindling with those I know, whether that be on the air or eye ball QSO's
There are currently Four ARRL sponsored Ham Fest in our Section and I forward to meeting you at one or more of those.


Currently I am affiliated with the following clubs / groups

  • ARRL - I should have gone for Life Membership when I was a kid
  • CW OPS - Member # 1806
  • Lone Star DX Association - Member
  • Dallas Ft. Worth Contest Group - Member
  • Red River Valley Amateur Radio Club - Member
  • A-1 Operator Member - Nomination Received from peers 2019

I retired from the United States Air Force in 1993, I served in Combat during Desert Shield/Storm 1990-1991 and during Operation No Fly in 1993.
I served as an Aircraft Electrician in the USAF and spent most of my career in the Strategic Air Command.
I am the Past president of The Key City Amateur Radio Club Abilene, Texas, as well as the Past President of the Shreveport Amateur Radio Association and Louisiana Contest clubs.
I am Married to my fantastic wife of 43 years, who is also USAF Retired
Upon retirement from the USAF my wife and I built a professional Photography Studio (Lott's Photo) in Bossier City, Louisiana.
From 2000 - 2014 I taught Photography at Bossier Parish Community College, Bossier City, Louisiana.
My wife and I moved back to Texas in 2015.  Shortly there after I went to work at Main Trading Co. (MTC) Paris, Texas
In November of 2018 I retired and sought out to become the ARRL North Texas Section Manager.
My Ham Radio Elmer was Rob Bracken WB0CXN
MY DXCC Mentor is Tom Blackley  KR5D

Steve KG5VK